Do You Want More Fulfilling Relationships in Your Life?

Eva_0120-smLaila Eva Bigonet, LICSW – Authentic Relationships

   Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples 

Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Welcome! My name is Eva Bigonet (a.k.a Laila Eva) and I am a therapist in Wellesley Hills, MA. I have dedicated my life to learning how to be in authentic, vulnerable, and loving relationships. I began this journey almost three decades ago and today my joy and expertise is helping others; individuals and couples, experience more life quality, joyful living, and love through sharing their authentic selves in relationships.

My basic values are that people are intrinsically good and our “badness” is learned behaviors; adaptations in order to protect vulnerable parts of us. Further, I believe that everyone is doing the best they can in any given moment taking into account their past experiences, current knowledge, and stress level. I believe that people are wise and resourceful and already have the answers inside that they are looking for. A trusted other, like a therapist or a close friend, can help draw out what you already know to be your truth. With some support people generally do so much better.

Here is a partial list of issues of which I can be helpful:

    • You and your partner struggle with communication and misunderstandings.
    • You want an intimate partner but keep attracting unavailable prospects.
    • You feel mistreated in relationships.
    • You struggle with self-doubt, perfectionism, or a harsh inner critic.
    • You people please, feel like you have no voice, or have a hard time setting boundaries.
    • You worry about what others think of you and create protective walls to keep you safe…and lonely.
    • You feel that you have lost yourself because you have been putting others’ needs before yours for a long time.
    • You try to fill the emptiness inside by using compulsive behaviors, such as comfort eating, over-exercising, sex, spending, abusing substances, or isolation, etc.
    • You feel depressed, but are not sure why.

I value the therapeutic relationship as the most important factor in successful therapy. Thus, I see my role as a holder of safe space where you can experience unconditional regard as you explore your issues in a pace that you set. By identifying beliefs, feelings, unmeet needs, early attachment wounding, and strategies that you’ve learned to cope, you’ll begin to see that your ways of being in relationships make sense. However, they may not give you the love you want.  As you are witnessed without judgments, my hope is that you’ll feel safe and supported in letting go painful emotions and unhelpful ways of thinking and coping. As you do, you’ll discover, embrace, and begin to express your true needs. You’ll learn new ways of being and communicating in relationships. You’ll begin to experience that when you change, others respond differently to you. As a result you feel more empowered, inner peace, joyful, and in charge in your relationships.

As a therapist and fellow human being, I feel there is no greater honor and privilege than to travel this journey with you.

In gratitude,

Eva Bigonet